Aluminized Clothing

Aluminized heat resistant clothing is used primarily in factories that manufacture or process metals. During the metal smelting process, workers frequently have to come in close proximity with the high temperature molten metal and become subjected to a high level of radiant heat. The highly reflective aluminized clothing is capable of reflecting most of the thermal radiation and helping keep the worker’s body at a normal temperature.

Additionally, aluminized clothes are normally made of fabrics that are capable of withstanding very high contact temperatures. Numerous aluminized fabrics are available for manufacturing high temperature resistant clothing and companies normally select the material that suits them best based on qualities such as abrasion resistance, price, and maximum contact temperature.

This website is created to aid people in selecting proper aluminized materials and aluminized garment styles for the work that they need to do and should serve as a guide only for comparing the various materials and clothing types. We hope that you find some of the information here useful. Proper aluminized clothing adds a great deal of comfort and safety to workers that need temperature resistance.